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Our New Campaign Celebrates What it Means to be Enable WA

We’ve Taken Enable to TV

Throughout 2022, Enable WA has been taking part in a High-Level Service Plan through Adept Health Projects.

During this process, we have undertaken multiple workshops with our Executive members, Board members, Service Coordinators, Therapy team, Support Workers and various other stakeholders to discuss:

  1. Areas we could improve the organisation

  2. Things that should be celebrated

  3. What makes us different to other Service Providers.

We received a hugely positive response when it came to the third point – what makes us different.

A group of people sit at tables in a conference room.
The Enable Team Feedback Groups

What Makes Enable Different?

A few common responses we heard were:

  1. “[Enable WA] treat people like people instead of just a number.”

  2. “We don’t just provide a service, we actually care.”

  3. “We go the extra mile to help our clients reach their goals.”

  4. “[Working at] Enable makes you feel like you have a whole network of people ready to help and support you.”

From there, it was easy to tell that the employees and clients of Enable WA hold the organisation in high regard.

But how do we show this positivity to the world?

We Are… Enable WA

The 'We Are Enable WA' campaign was born!

From all of the feedback we received, we pulled together a few key recurring words.

  • Social

  • Supportive

  • Caring

  • Friendly

  • Experts and professionals

And approached our local popular TV station to secure an ad spot where we could showcase our organisation.

Check out the final video below!

Thank you to our incredible clients Karlee, Bill, Jesse, and Elliot, our Support Workers Tania and Ashley, our Coordinators Preeti and Gem, and our Therapists Meg and Fiona for doing such an incredible job on screen.

Concept and Direction: Yellow Digital

Filming and Production: Great Minds Media

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