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Enable WA's Events For International Day of People With Disabilities 2022

Every year, the team here at Enable WA get together and plan how to celebrate the International Day of People with Disabilities. We've held an art night, a series of free outdoor cinema nights (2021), and this year we celebrated the important day with THREE seperate events, all FREE to attend.

This year we decided to showcase the incredible work that the organisations we sponsor do in the local community.

Sail Into Life (Bunbury), Karting2Live (Perth - our newest Sponsorship activity), and Art for Inclusion (Bunbury), are three incredible volunteer-led organisations that offer a safe space for people of all abilities to participate in social, friendly, exciting activities.

With the help of Developmental Disability WA , we were able to procure 2 grants to help fund our free days for the community.


Sail Into Life Open Day (Dec 1st)

Our Sail Into Life Day was a huge success, with our keen adventurers sailing along the sea of Koombana Bay with huge smiles on their faces and triumphant returns to solid land, where they were treated to a free morning tea at the Koombana Bay Sailing Club.

Thank you to the volunteers at Sail Into Life, who spent half a day treating our clients (and non-clients!) to the spectacular experience of sailing.


Karting2Live Open Day (Dec 2)

Our Karting2Live Open Day (held at Hi-Voltage Entertainment) was also a success. We had people from all over the Perth metro area show up and enjoy a drive for free and mini golf while they waited their turn. Thank you to the teams at Hi-Voltage and Karting2Live for organising along with our Perth office.

The fastest laps were won by:

First: Dana

Second: Dion

Third: Niomi


We also unveiled the two karts we've donated to Karting2Live - we're very excited to see them on the tracks!


Art for Inclusion Exhibition Opening Night (Dec 3rd)

On the actual Day of Disabilities (Dec 3rd), Ross Vaughan and his group at Art for Inclusion held their exhibition opening night at the Stirling Street Arts Centre in Bunbury.

All of the artists in the exhibition attend an Art for Inclusion class on either Mondays or Thursdays in Bunbury, where they have a safe space to chat, paint, draw, reflect, and just be themselves creatively.

The pieces on display this year were absolutely incredible, and most have been put up for sale. You can still catch the final days of the exhibition here.

One of the artists, Callum Mould was even interviewed by ABC South West!

Thank you to the team at the Upper South West offices who helped apply for the $1,000 grant from DDWA to help this event come to life. And thank you to the Board of Bunbury Cemetery for their generous donation of $1,000 for 2023's Art for Inclusion program.

Congratulations to Thomas and Trish for receiving two awards from the Art for Inclusion group as well.

Learn more about Art for Inclusion here...

Thank you to everyone who helped make our 2022 International Day of People With Disabilities events happen!

If you have any suggestions for 2023, make sure to pass them on - we love being a part of the community.
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