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Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists focus on helping individuals of all ages (with physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges),  engage in enjoyable, independent or social activities through therapeutic interventions.

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Occupational Therapy  Services Across Western Australia

Our Occupational Therapists at Enable WA are experienced in managing the occupational therapy needs of NDIS and aged care participants across Perth and Peel, and the South West and Manjimup regions of Western Australia. 

Our services are available either in person or over telehealth, to make your experience as personalised and convenient as possible. Our OTs all have extensive years of experience, with immediate capacity available. 

Enable WA offers a wide suite of NDIS occupational therapy services, including (but not limited to):

  • Functional Capacity Assessments

  • Assistive technology/ equipment prescription

  • Home assessment and recommendation services

  • Daily living skills development

  • Supporting sensory needs

Ready to move to a Occupational Therapy team that will aid you in reaching your goals?
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(08) 9792 7500 or click the button below. 

Functional Capacity Assessments

Our Occupational Therapists will complete a Functional Capacity Assessment with you, to develop a tailored OT plan that addresses your specific needs, and fits with your NDIS Plan.

Assistive technology/ equipment prescription

We empower our clients to overcome barriers, optimise your functional independence, and enhance your quality of life by providing you with the tools needed to participate fully in meaningful activities and roles.

Home assessment and recommendation services

These assessments are conducted by our Occupational Therapists and aim to enhance your ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs), instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), work, leisure, and social participation within your home environment.

Daily living skills development

Our Therapists promote independence, autonomy, and quality of life by providng the tools and training to engage in meaningful activities and roles within their daily routines and environments.

Supporting sensory needs

For those requiring Sensory Needs Support, Occupational Therapy (OT) services focus on addressing sensory processing difficulties that affect your ability to fully engage in daily activities and participate in your environment.

Are You Eligible?

Our Occupational Therapy and other Therapy services are included on an NDIS Plan under Capacity Building Supports (Improved Daily Living). But if you don't have this on your Plan, we may still be able to provide Support to you. 

The easiest way to check if you're covered is to call us on 97927500, or click below to send us an email directly. 

Meet our Occupational Therapists


Enable WA's OTs deliver support through the Perth, Peel, South West and Great Southern,  either in person or over telehealth - making our service as convenient and personalised as possible! 


Meet Brooke, our Occupational Therapist based in Manjimup and Great Southern.

Brooke is a graduate APHRA registered Occupational Therapist at Enable WA, with a passion for empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives, Brooke brings experience across various clinical, residential, community and school settings, catering to clients of all ages and presentations with diverse needs. 


In practice, Brooke's core emphasis is on fostering relationship with her clients, acknowledging individual needs, interests and aspirations. Brooke is excited about helping individuals reach their goals and fullest potential in an individualised, fun, functional and innovative way. She values providing a family-centred individualised approach to service provision, which is flexible and based on individuals changing needs and goals. 

Enthusiastic, approachable, and professional.

Book a session with Brooke here. 


Meet Meg, our Occupational Therapist in the South West.

Meg is a Senior Occupational Therapist at Enable WA. She has worked as a community OT since 2017, and has been with Enable WA since 2020. With experience across the lifespan from toddlers to supporting the aging population, she has worked with a wide range of people and situations.

Enthusiastic, compassionate and supportive.

Book a session with Meg here. 


Meet Kerrie, our Occupational Therapist in the South West.

Kerrie, an accomplished Occupational Therapist at Enable WA, graduated from Queen Margaret University in Scotland in 2008. She initially honed her skills at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary before embarking on an adventurous journey to Australia in 2010 with her now-husband.


During her travels, Kerrie gained diverse experience through several casual OT roles at Melbourne Royal Infirmary, Randwick Hospital in Sydney, and Westmead Private Hospital in Parramatta.

Her journey eventually led her to Albany, WA, where she played a pivotal role at Silver Chain, managing hospital discharge programs. For the past seven years, Kerrie has called Bunbury home, sharing her life with her husband and their three young children.

Experienced, enthusiastic, and curious!

Book a session with Kerrie here. 


Meet Ethan, our Occupational Therapist in Perth and Peel.

Ethan is a registered Occupational Therapist at Enable WA, equipped with a Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) from ECU. With four years of experience as a support worker and hands-on placement experience in community disability, Ethan has developed a strong foundation in working with diverse client groups, particularly in paediatrics and young adults.

In practice, Ethan emphasizes building strong, trusting relationships with clients, tailoring his approach to meet their unique needs, interests, and aspirations. He is passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential through personalized, innovative, and engaging therapy.

Compassionate, friendly and personable.

Book a session with Ethan here. 

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