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Enable WA CEO to be a Judge on the NDS WA Disability Support Awards for 2024

In a remarkable acknowledgment of leadership and dedication to the disability support sector, our Enable WA CEO, David Naughton, has been invited to join the Judging Panel of the National Disability Services (NDS) WA Disability Support Awards for 2024.

Enable WA's CEO, David, smiles at the camera. He is wearing a blue suit jacket and a lighter blue shirt.
Enable WA's CEO, David Naughton.

Now, we're not here to brag, but we are all about celebrating when people within Enable WA are recognised for the work they do in this sector. This prestigious appointment not only reflects David's outstanding commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities but also highlights the pivotal role Enable WA plays in fostering inclusivity and support within the community.

The NDS WA Disability Support Awards celebrate and recognise the exceptional contributions of individuals and organisations in the disability support sector, and have been celebrating these individuals since 2009.

"The WA Disability Support Awards celebrate the significant contribution of individual workers and teams who support people with disability to achieve their goals.  
The Awards recognise and reward people who go beyond ordinary standards of service and provide the highest standard of individualised support to people with disability. The Awards also provide an opportunity to recognise excellence in leadership and innovation to continuously improve disability supports and create better outcomes." - NDS WA Disability Support Awards

This invitation is more than just an acknowledgment of personal achievement; it is a recognition of the entire Enable WA team's unwavering dedication to creating a society where individuals with disabilities thrive and contribute meaningfully towards living a life of their choice.

The Mandurah/Peel team and Participants at the 2023 Christmas Party
The Mandurah/Peel team and Participants at the 2023 Christmas Party

Nominations are open!

Is there a Support Worker in the Enable WA team that you've seen go above and beyond constantly? Have they encouraged community activity and aided either you or someone in your family with a disability in living their life the way they want?

You have the chance to nominate them for these awards!

All you have to do is click here and fill out the form - easy!

Nominations close early February, so get your nomination in while it's on your mind!

To all of our Enable WA Support Workers, good luck! We're proud to have you on team and we're incredibly thankful for the great work you all do (and we actually mean it, we're not just saying it!).

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