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Support for Student Leavers

What Supports are Available for Student Leavers, and am I Eligible?

Graduating in itself can be a scary and anxiety-inducing experience for many, without even thinking about the transition to the workforce.

Enable WA helps teenagers in their last year of schooling prepare for entering the workforce after school, and reaching their employment goals.

Our School Leaver supports on offer are usually available for NDIS participants in their final year of school, or those who have recently left school, and is included in NDIS support category 10 funding, Finding and Keeping a Job.

The funding is delivered annually for a maximum of two years. Eligible participants will receive a lump sum of roughly $22,000 to be allocated to supports over the year.

To avoid any misunderstandings, a Service Agreement will be made between yourself and your Support team at Enable, with an agreed upon list of activities and goals to be included.

Ask your Coordinator what options you have as a School Leaver.

How Enable WA Helps School Leavers

Our supports for School Leavers are designed to teach participants the tools and skills needed to enter the workplace with confidence.

We don’t just find our clients a job and leave them to it. There’s much more that goes on!

We team School Leavers up with the right Support to teach valuable life skills, like:

  • Computer skills and literacy

  • Accounting and basic money management

  • How to write a resume

  • What’s expected (and how to prepare for) an interview

  • How to look for jobs, and what to do when you see one you like

  • How to work in a team

  • Appropriate communication in social and workplace situations

  • Understanding workplace culture

  • Time management

  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities

What we can include for school leavers depends on specific goals, support needs, and situation. They’re all flexible depending on what industry the participant would like to work in, and what goals they hope to achieve.

If you’d like to learn more, click here.

Student Leaver Support In Real Life

We can’t wait to help you gain the confidence needed to enter the workforce after school.

Kaitlyn’s story below highlights just how much of an impact support in your senior school years can have on your life.

Give us a call on (08) 97927500, or email

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