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Updated: Jul 11

⚫️ 🟡 🛑 CONGRATULATIONS! ⚫️ 🟡 🛑

As we get closer to the end of National Reconciliation Week, the time has come to reveal our winning artists for our 2024 procurement of artworks from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from country.

This initiative is part of our ongoing work towards reconciliation, and we aim to continue this EOI as an annual event, showcasing the artistic talents on country.

We had a huge amount of applications this year from each region, and our RAP Working Group were very impressed by the relevance of a lot of artworks to the work we do here at Enable WA. We wish we could select all of them!

Thank you for everyone who submitted their pieces, and congratulations to our final selections:

❤️ From Boorloo: Journeys - Gabrielle Bruce

Artist Statement:

"'Journeys' intricately weaves together themes of health, connection, belonging, and community in a multifaceted narrative. At it's core, the artwork depicts a community gathered around a central motif, symbolising Enable's steadfast commitment to nurturing relationships and fostering connections.

The presence of additional gatherings surrounding this central scene represents Enable's expansive scope of resources, outreach, and assistance, illustrating their broad impact and support network. Bush medicine leaves represent Enable's pivotal role in the health sector, while a hand print signifies personalised and inclusive service delivery, emphasising their dedication to engaging with clients on a personal level. Concentric circles are symbolic of the creation period or the Dreamtime, and arches at the base reflect kattamorda (the Darling Range). Intricate dot work throughout the piece creates a dynamic sense of movement and rhythm, symbolising individual journeys unfolding over time.

The color palette of blue, green, and purple mirrors the seasonal flora changes on boodjar (country), enriched by local Noongar boorn wer djet (trees and flowers), karda (hills), and bush tucker. Indigenous fauna such as koomool (possum) and yongka (kangaroo) feature throughout, grounding the artwork in its cultural and environmental context."

💛 From Mandjoogoordap: 'Karrak Spirit' - Melissa Spillman (Woods)

Artist Statement:

"This painting represents the story of the Karrak Spirit. During the dark seasons it was hard for the animals to find their food and even their homes! Karrak saw that the only light was coming from the moon. So, he flew up to the moon, took the Kaarla (fire), and brought it back to the land. Every season in, Karrak connected with Noongar Boodja (country), felt what the land needed, and brought the perfect amount of light from the moon."

🖤 From Goomburrup: Connections - Candy Riley

Artist Statement:

"My Great Grandparents and grandparents are from Noongar country Gnaala Karla Boodja and Wagyl Kaip. I was born in Katanning and have lived in the Southwest for 26 years. In my original submission I selected the theme Community. In our community we all must work together to thrive and lean on each other standing side by side to achieve desired outcomes. I strongly believe in your statement to enable people to live a life of their choice. Having a sense of belonging and inclusion makes a difference in all areas of our lives whether big or small. To be honest I heard about Enable but did not know about the wide range of services that were available until I learned more about the agency from the website. I ran with the theme of the circles as depicted in my artwork arranged in a circle direction. I also chose bright cheerful colours that would standout in an office environment to catch someone’s eye and make them smile."

Title to Come - Candy Riley
Title to Come - Candy Riley

❤️ From Undalup: Different Directions - Diahan Riley

Artist Statement:

"We all want to make our own decisions in life. This at times may lead us in a different direction to what others may want us to do. We should all be able make our own decisions and choices with the support of the family circle."

Different Directions by Diahan Riley

💛 From Manjimup: Happy Talk - Christine Latham

Artist Statement:

"HAPPY TALK is a painting created to inspire positive thinking. Often a single artwork or piece of music can help lift one up when we are down. My hope is that when the viewer sees this work, they smile. It is in two parts because often we have split feelings around our well being. I hope that despite this, we can still smile if we experience the right prompt."

HAPPY TALK by Christine Latham

Thank you to everyone who submitted their artowkrs for this year's procurement process - keep an eye on our social media for the official presentations happening during NAIDOC Week 2024! Thank you as well to Aunty Annette Garlett from Keipa Boodja Aboriginal Corporation for being on our anonymous selection panel.

National Reconciliation Week 2024

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