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Council of Regional Disability Services (CORDS) join together in the South West town of Busselton

Every quarter, key members from regional disability services come together to discuss recent developments in policy and procedures within the NDIS, talk about our own organisations, and ask questions to the decision-makers that benefit our clients.

"This is a great opportunity for us all to come together to talk about issues that affect us all on a system level... Issues that we all face and would like solutions to" David Naughton, Enable WA CEO.

This CORDS conference was held at Abbey Beach Resort in Busselton.
This CORDS conference was held at Abbey Beach Resort in Busselton.

This quarter's meeting took place in the sunny south west location of Busselton, held at the Abbey Beach Resort. The attendees for this meeting spanned the whole of WA, with CEOs and Managers from Midwest Community Living, Activ, NDS, Midway, NDS WA, Diversity South, Far North Community Services, East Kimberley Job Pathways, Anglicare, Forrest Personnel, Community Living Association, Accessability, EPIC, Advocacy WA, Atlas, and GIFSA.

We took on the job of creating gift bags for the attendees as well, welcoming them all to Busselton. The incredibly talented clients of our Busselton Group Activities Program decorated and painted the gift bags, and the attendees had a great range of goodies to sample from the Candy Cow, Margaret River Chocolate Factory, Eagle Bay Olives, and Corrynne's Natural Skincare in Dunsborough. We also created a mini brochure of accessible activities to do in the Busselton/Dunsborough region, and an Enable WA fidget spinner (always handy!).

The conference itself went for two days, and we all had the chance to talk to key decision makers in the disability sector, including WA Country Health Service, StewartBrown Chartered Accountants, Engels Floyd & Associates, NDIA, Office of Disability, not to mention Kathy Hough from Far North Community Services as Chairperson of CORDS.

the CORDS group at Abbey Beach Resort discussing NDIS Policy.
The CORDS group at Abbey Beach Resort discussing NDIS Policy.

On day one, we got pretty deep into heavy topics, and by the end of the day, it was time for some sightseeing! And what's more iconic than the Busselton Jetty train ride?

Needless to say, everyone loved the ride, with scenic views of the gorgeous Busselton foreshore. It was great to meet so many heads of WA disability organisations, and hearing the passion we all share for giving our clients/NDIS Participants the best experiences possible made for great conversations.

Until next time!

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