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6 Ways to Look After Your Mental Health During COVID-19

We’re still in a time of uncertainty, even in 2022, even in Western Australia.

No one’s really sure what’s going to happen to the state (yet alone the world), and it can be extremely overwhelming, scary and distressing. We’ve pulled together 6 ways to try and help you get through this time, by focusing on keeping a positive frame of mind.

1. Don’t let masks scare you!

For a lot of people, this new ‘normal’ of seeing everybody out with masks can be really scary, especially if a Support Worker, parent, carer or Coordinator suddenly looks like an entirely new, strange person.

Remember that the person you know is still under there! They’re just trying to keep you and everyone else safe. If you know someone who’s uncomfortable with mask wearing, take the time to show them step by step how to put theirs on properly. Make it a fun activity and eliminate the fear aspect.

2. Stand out in the sunshine

It’s super easy to try and spend all of our time indoors at the moment, but even spending 30 minutes a day outside can improve your mental outlook (just make sure to sunscreen up!).

Take the time to be in nature – feel the grass between your toes or the warmth on your skin to bring you back to experiencing all that nature has to offer.