Mentor and Skills Trainer

Skills Trainer:

Skill trainers are able to work with you to develop and master skills that you would like to achieve. Skills trainers can support you to learn and master activities of daily living such as cooking and preparing meals, managing a budget, developing literacy and numeracy skills and accessing public transport. If you have a more specific goal or skill that you would like to learn, make sure to let us know. We have a range of support workers that have a range of skills and passions that they would love to share with you.


A mentor can support you to think through life’s challenges so that you can make positive and informed choices. This could include finding employment or exploring the option to live independently. A mentor can support you to set and achieve goals as well as modelling different ways of reaching your goal and different ways of approaching a challenge or situation.

Sam Everitt and Sam Lane

Sam helps Sam to keep himself fit and to build some muscles! They do this by cooking healthy meals and going to the gym together. They are the same age so they discuss different topics like saving-money tips, internet safety and relationships. One of Sam’s goals is to live independently, so Sam shares his own experience and helps Sam to achieve this.

Jakeb Lancaster and Megan Rowlands

Jakeb is supported by Enable to assist him to live independently in his own home and to get involved in his local community. Jakeb has support around cooking meals, grocery shopping and participating in his voluntary work. Jakeb enjoys reading to children at a local playgroup once per week.
Jakeb also has an interest in learning to draw and volunteers at Stirling Street Art Centre. Jakeb has a team of support workers and is enjoys a variety of different personalities.