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  • Am I Eligible?
    NDIS Participants can appoint a Support Coordinator through their plan to help with an assessment and application for SDA funding. The exploration of eligibility can be funded through your NDIS plan from either Core Supports, or your Therapy budget. If these are not available, participants can request a plan review and have a Housing Exploration Goal added to their plan. Please get in touch with us at or call 9792 7500 to find out more.
  • Do I need to find a property first?
    No – you can begin to explore your eligibility before identifying a property. If you are eligible your funding will be categorised to tell you what type of property you will be funded for and what level of support e.g., Apartment/Villa/Duplex/Shared House and will also indicate how many other residents you may share with.
  • What is the application process?
    Step 1: Identify housing as a goal in your NDIS plan. Step 2: Discuss your eligibility. Step 3: Start thinking about your accommodation preferences. Step 4: Request funding from SDA application. Step 5: Identify your housing preference (apartment, villa or 2/3/4 bedroom house). Step 6: SDA application applied. Step 7: SDA funding approved in your new NDIS Plan. Step 8: Supported Independent Living quote submitted. Step 9: SIL quote approved. Step 10: Lease agreement signed. Step 11: Move in!
  • Can my family & friends visit me in the SDA property?
    Of course! We encourage ongoing informal and family relationships to continue as much as possible. This is your home, and you should treat it as such. Enable WA and the SDA provider will do everything they can to support participants with this.
  • Can I make decisions about the SDA Property and the SIL Service?
    All participants and any interested family members/guardians will meet quarterly with the SDA Provider and SIL provider to review the services and adjust if necessary to ensure that all services to our clients are meeting the highest standards.
  • What kind of properties are available?
    Enable WA’s projects include single occupancy apartments, multiple occupancy apartments, shared houses, villas and townhouses. All properties comply with the rigorous SDA design standards, which include the necessary infrastructure and assistive technology available to provide participants with maximum independence, safety and security.
  • How long can I stay in my SDA property?
    SDA is a long-term housing option and with negotiation could be your forever home as long as you are SDA eligible.
  • How does the SDA payment work?
    The SDA funds are attached to the participants NDIS plan. Once the participant identifies their preferred property, the SDA Provider will create a service agreement and a service booking against the participants plan, just like other service providers. It’s all done through the NDIS portal.
  • Who provides my support in SDA?
    Enable WA are the designated SIL provider for the property. Participants can also choose Enable WA to provide their Social Community and Civic Participation to make a seamless service. Alternatively, participants can choose another agency to provide Social Community and Civic Participation.
  • What is the Reasonable Rent Contribution (RRC)?
    In addition to the SDA payment allocated in your plan, a reasonable rent contribution is paid from your Disability Pension. This should be no more than 25% of your total pension per fortnight.
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