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Kickstarter Grant Winners

In late 2020, we ran a grants competition looking for 10 lucky West Australians who identified as having a disability to win $1,000 to help them get a dream off the ground. 

They may have had to put their dreams on hold due to the COVID pandemic, or perhaps they didn't have the right equipment. For a lot of applicants, the grant funds were needed to get to the next step of their business or personal goal. 

We had an incredible amount of talented and ambitious applications, from artists and musicians to athletes and football fanatics, all ready to begin making their dreams come true. 

Congratulations to Sharyn, Mat, Eric, Richard, Jacob, Donna, Lawrence, Rhonda, Crystal and Aden.


Sharyn creates gorgeous artworks from resin and material from Australian beaches (sand, pebbles). Her dream was to create a website for her art, and eventually open a respite facility with her husband in the future. 

You can visit her website here: Peace of Oz


Mat is a passionate Dungeons and Dragons player, and his love for the game really struck us in his application. He's a key member of his online community. Mat used his grant winnings to purchase a new computer for less lag and a better gaming experience.


Donna submitted her business 'Mindful Fish' into her Kickstarter Grant application. For Donna, her art and business is her way of coping with her stress, and offers a great artistic release.

With her winnings, Donna hoped to take her items to new market stalls, and to create her art without worrying about the cost of materials.

Aaaand, she's done it! Check out Donna's site here


During lockdown last year (2020), he took to writing about his experience through song. He picked up his guitar, and with a bit of assistance from his brother and support, wrote 'Corona'. 

Now obviously, a ripper of a song needs an equally good video clip. Richard aims to use his grant earnings to get this dream off the ground with a proper filming and editing budget. 


Lawrence is our ninth winner of our Kickstarter 2021 Grants - his dream is to become more involved with the sports community by selling Eagles and Dockers footballs at local markets. 


Eric's disability was not from birth, and he has spent the last few years coming to terms with the sudden changes in his life.

In his application, Eric talked highly of how gardening has helped him through this - in particular, his Japanese inspired courtyard garden, for which he has custom made a water feature AND plans on creating a raised garden bed for. 


Rhonda is a woman full of courage and optimism for life - her dream is for an Adaptive Mountain Bike so she can exercise alongside her husband.


The only difference is, she will be attaching her bike to an indoor trainer. 


Jacob has written and illustrated three stories aimed at the young adult audience.

His books include: 

📖 Troll Story
👽 Alien Story
✍️ Brothers Bartholomew  

With his winnings, Jacob plans on getting his stories published into one collection.

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