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Meet Elliot

In 2021, Elliot Mason (one of our South West clients) came to us with an idea of creating a fundraiser. 

The idea:

Over the last few years, Elliot discovered the joy of cycling to ease his mental stress and to relax him. But he also realised how expensive bicycles are... especially modified ones like his own pedal-assisted bike. 

His idea was a fundraiser to raise money for one or two other people with disabilities to afford their own custom bicycle. At the time, he had no idea of how much he would raise and how much the community would be behind him!

Elliot Mason and the recipient of his Riding for a Reason fundraiser.
Elliot's campfire photos.
Elliot's team of supporters who rode alongside him.
Elliot's photo of his travels
Elliot Mason sits on his bike smiling.

Elliot's 'Ride for a Reason'

Elliot's fundraiser was a huge success! 

He rode over 600kms through the Murchison region, braving the heat of the north west and sleeping under the stars with his team of supporters. 

Elliot ended up raising over $6,500, and caught the attention of many locals in the area and news outlets throughout the state. 

He featured in the Bunbury Mail, and took heaps of great snaps along the way!

Enable WA's involvement:

We were extremely proud to help sponsor Elliot's fundraising through marketing, creating graphics, social media posts and press releases, and setting up his GoFund me page through our marketing providers, Moshi Moshi. 

Elliot's Support Workers were huge motivators and encouragers of his efforts, and his success was felt through the whole community. 

After generating over $6,500 in funds, Elliot was able to grant 2 lucky people vouchers for their own bikes - Liam and Amelia. 

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