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Client Interviews

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Hear from a few of our clients below. 

Sam and Sam

Sam helps Sam to keep himself fit and to build some muscles! They do this by cooking healthy meals and going to the gym together. They are the same age so they discuss different topics like saving-money tips, internet safety and relationships.


One of Sam’s goals is to live independently, so Sam shares his own experience and helps Sam to achieve this.

Jamie and Angela

Jamie is a young man who receives support with the intention of facilitating good connections within the community.

Angela is part of Jamie’s team of support workers, and she is prepared to boost Jamie’s confidence while Jamie is meeting or interacting with others.


Being a Connector – Facilitator is the art of understanding when to participate in our client’s relationships with others to help and when to take a step back and let our clients practice their social skills on their own.

Jakeb and Megan

Jakeb is supported by Enable to assist him to live independently in his own home and to get involved in his local community.


Jakeb has support around cooking meals, grocery shopping and participating in his voluntary work. Jakeb enjoys reading to children at a local playgroup once per week. Jakeb also has an interest in learning to draw and volunteers at Stirling Street Art Centre. Jakeb has a team of support workers and is enjoys a variety of different personalities.

Daniella and Lisa

Daniella is 46 years old and receives support from Enable every day. Enable’s support workers (or as she calls them “Bubbly Awesome team”) help her during the day with her daily routine which includes cooking, budgeting, painting, writing her blog and looking fabulous!


One of Daniella’s interests is to travel and learn from other cultures so her support workers help her to save money for these trips. Lisa is one of her team members and she helps Daniella to create a budget and try to stick to it so she can go to shows and activities around town.

Bec and Angelique

Bec has a team of dedicated support workers and a host family that have supported Bec for many years to enjoy a typical life of living independently both in her own unit and with her host.


Bec's team assist her with all aspects of daily living, health and wellbeing, personal care, communication, keeping Bec safe and having loads of fun.


Bec has support 24 x 7, 365 days per year. Her loyal, stable team enjoy assisting Bec and working towards outcomes for Bec to maintain her independence and enjoy a typical 22 year old lifestyle.

A woman plays with her pet dog with a carer.

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