How We Do It

Our process is simple, collaborative and flexible.

We stand beside you to help you achieve the outcomes you and your family want.

  1. Tell us a little about you
    You don’t need all the answers, we’ll work on these together over time.Think about:
    • What’s your idea of a good life?
    • What do you want or need from life right now?
    • What are your aspirations for the future?
    • What makes you feel like a valued part of the community?
  2. Let’s create action!
    Once we have a picture of your needs, together we start to create action!
    • Our Action Plan is formulated with you and your family in mind
      • It will be flexible
      • It will be collaborative
      • It will be outcome focused
  3. Finding your ‘perfect match’
    The key to our success is our unique concept of ‘matching’.Like any relationship – having compatible personalities builds long lasting, trustworthy relationships. We consider our relationship with you and your family no different.
  4. Regular planning and review 
    Life changes, plans change – it’s no problem.Our planning and review process is important. If something is not working, we review it together and together work towards finding a solution.

If something is working well, we will focus on it and develop it with the aim of achieving great outcomes for our Clients.

To find out more about the ways Enable could support you and your family, start the conversation today. Give us a call on 08 9792 7500 or email us at