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Art for Inclusion with Ross Vaughan

There is no doubt that you've heard the name Cory Crombie. 

Cory's story of determination and perseverance have inspired many people across WA and Australia. 

Cory's Story:

Bunbury local Cory has always been an avid athlete, competing in International competitions for BMX riding.  In 2017 at the age of 14, he attempted a new BMX trick, which left him in hospital with a severe spinal cord injury. 

After months of physiotherapy and rehab, Cory was told he was a T12 Incomplete Paraplegic. And although that meant a lot of lifestyle changes had to happen, Cory's unwavering positivity and determination saw him setting new goals almost straight away. 

A participant of Art for Inclusion is sculpting a Godzilla-esque creation.
An artwork from Art for Inclusion,

What's he up to now?

Cory's new focus changed to bringing wheelchair sports to WA - including basketball (which has been a huge success!) and track. He has become a Youth Ambassadors for many health and fitness organisations, a motivational speaker, has brought programs and inclusion sessions to schools, AND is still active in the world of sports, completing marathons, track events, and lately competed in wheelchair track in Switzerland!

Enable WA's involvement:

We've proudly watched Cory go from strength to strength, sponsoring a number of sporting events and promotions to get his good work into the world. 

In 2020 we helped him gain work experience with Westpine, and in 2021 we had the honour of helping Cory spread the word about his South West Wheelchair Basketball initiative through social media, marketing and publications. 

We can't wait to see what Cory's next adventure brings. 

To learn more about Cory, click here. 



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