Positive Behaviour Support Values, Theories and Processes

Positive Behaviour Support values aim to:

  • Enhance a person’s quality of life
  • Work in conjunction with family and other members of the person’s team (including allied health professionals and support workers) to support skill development

The Theories Behind PBS:

  • PBS aims to increase capacity so that the person does not need to use behaviour to tell us something is not right for them.  
  • All behaviour has a function. Our goal within PBS process is to understand the purpose of the challenging behaviour. 
  • PBS uses behaviour assessments and analysis to describe and determine the function of a behaviour. 
  • Taking into consideration the function of the behaviour, a PBS practitioner will suggest strategies that relate to environmental change, systems change and skill building with the goal of increasing a person’s quality of life and reducing behaviours of concern. 

The PBS Process:

  • At Enable WA, our PBS Practitioners use direct and indirect assessment methods to guide our understanding of the function of challenging behaviour.
  • We utilise a PBS Planning Framework to identify and recommend strategies for meeting the person’s needs in partnership with key people within the person’s life.
  • We can provide training on implementation of strategies recommended in the plan for key people in the person’s life.
  • PBS is a proactive process that can take time to develop affective and sustainable outcomes.
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