Host Family and Homesharers

Host Family:

If you or your loved one require more holistic support on either a long term or short term basis, host family arrangements provide an opportunity for a person to be welcomed into a family home and become part of regular family life. This can either be on a full or part time basis. These arrangements can also provide an opportunity to learn the skills of daily life in a natural environment.


If you or your loved one would benefit from having a person living with them to provide company, safety or support with daily life, a homesharer may be the answer. Homesharers provide low level support in exchange for living rent free in your home. Enable WA can help you find the right match and ensure that the person has the qualities you are looking for.

Bec Vincent and Angelique Bowald

Bec has a team of dedicated support workers and a host family that have supported Bec for many years to enjoy a typical life of living independently both in her own unit and with her host. Becs team assist her with all aspects of daily living, health and wellbeing, personal care, communication, keeping Bec safe and having loads of fun. Bec has support 24 x 7, 365 days per year. Her loyal, stable team enjoy assisting Bec and working towards outcomes for Bec to maintain her independence and enjoy a typical 22 year old lifestyle.

Beau and Tim

Tim came into Beau’s life almost 2 years ago. Beau started receiving support from Enable WA during his transition from school. This was an extremely anxious time for Beau, as it was a huge change in his life.With the care and support of Tim and our team, Beau is now thriving with a well established routine throughout his week, and a safe and welcoming home to return to at the end of the day.

Aswell as coming on leaps and bounds his personal care and independence skills, Beau is now pursuing a spot on a basketball team in Perth, tending to his own veggie patch, and keeping in contact with his friends on a regular basis.

Interested in being a host family?

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